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Sacral monuments

Poprad, Roman Catholic St. Egidio Church

Poprad, rímskokatolícky Kostol sv. EgídiaThe Roman Catholic St. Egidio Church is the most valuable historical monument which is situated in the town centre. Its origin dates back to the 2nd half of the 13th century. In the ancient times, the church must have been consecrated which may be tracked by the signs of holy sacrament on the main altar table and Wood of the Cross on the walls of the church. In 1994-1998 the church´s nave and Early-Gothic portal next to the southern gate to the church were reconstructed. In 2008 the organ was built in the newly reconstructed 18th century Baroque organ chest.


Poprad, Evangelic Holy Trinity Church

Poprad, evanjelický Kostol Svätej TrojiceThe church of the Evangelic Church of Augsburg confession was built in course of the years 1829 – 1834, in the Classicist style, according to projects of Ján Fabrici. The Classicist altar was raised around 1838. In the church there is located Ondrej Fabrici´s tombstone of 1830, (Fabriczy), who was a priest, religious writer and noble, living and working in Poprad for 41 years 





Poprad – Veľká, Roman Catholic St. John the Evangelist Church

Poprad – Spišská Sobota – rímskokatolícky Kostol sv. JurajaThe church is of the 13th century. Only a tower and naval walls have been preserved out of the Late Roman construction. The presbytery and naval vault date back to the 15th century. The furnishings of the church is mostly Baroque. The bronze Gothic baptismal font of 1439 with a copper cover of 1666 deserve a special attention. The organ which is installed in the church was built in the second half of the 17th century. The stained-glass windows show pictures of “the Crowning of the Virgin Mary”, and “God´s Mercy”. They were designed by the academic painter Michal Trembáč, and they were made in 2003.



Poprad – Veľká, Evangelic Holy Trinity Church

Poprad – Veľká, evanjelický Kostol Svätej TrojiceThe church was built at the beginning of the 19th century. Its interior is dominated by the picture “Last Supper” located on the divide and coming from the Nűrnberg School, and the altar picture “Loneliness of the Crucified Christ the Lord”, the work of Jozef Lerch of 1817. They direct the minds of the believers towards the events of Easter Friday. The pulpit is rich in Rococo and Classicist ornaments, and its top is decorated with the sculpture of St. Michael the Archangel. Unique Classicist organ built by Jozef Seyberth of Vienna had a conic pedal airlock as first in Slovakia.


Poprad – Matejovce, Roman Catholic St. Steven the King Church

Poprad – Matejovce, rímskokatolícky Kostol sv. Štefana – kráľaSt. Steven the King Church was built in the Gothic style in the first half of the 14th century, it was re-styled in a Baroque fashion in the 18th century. It is a one-nave construction with a presbytery with a flat ending vaulted by a single lune of rib-groined vault. The triumphant arch is broken. The nave is vaulted into two polygonal pillars by rib-groined vault. On the western side of the nave there is a masonry Luis-style organ choir. On the eastern side of the presbytery there is located a round Gothic window which is completely filled in with masonry. A pastophory niche is found on the northern side of the presbytery.




Poprad – Matejovce, Evangelic Church

Poprad – Matejovce, Evanjelický kostolThe foundation stone of this church was laid down on May 29, 1786, and the church was consecrated on October 4, 1787. The interior of the church houses a Late Baroque altar of 1780-1790 with a picture of Christ and a charity woman of 1887, and a poly-chromed wooden pulpit of the second half of the 18th century. A double-manual organ of 1823 is still operated during the masses as well as organ concerts. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the existence of this church, its reconstruction took place in 1987.



Poprad – Spišská Sobota, Roman Catholic St. George Church

Poprad – Spišská Sobota – rímskokatolícky Kostol sv. JurajaSt. George Church of mid-12th century is the oldest construction in Spišská Sobota square. Out of the original Late Roman church, there have been preserved some fragments – southern portal, peripheral walls of the nave and a square tower. In the 15th century and in the beginning of the 16th century, the church was decorated in a Gothic fashion – with five Gothic altars. The main altar of St. George of 1516 is the work of Master Paul of Levoča. Left of the main altar, there is located the oldest altar of the Virgin Mary of 1464 made by an unknown author. St. Anton the Hermit altar of 1503 contains unique pictures on its wing boards. As for the 17th century period, the church is dominated with organ, organ chest and Baroque pulpit from P. Gross workshop. In the immediate vicinity of the church there is located a belfry raised in the years 1588 – 1589.


Poprad – Spišská Sobota, Evangelic Church

Poprad – Spišská Sobota, Evanjelický kostolThe Church was built in 1777. In its interior there is located a Classicist altar of mid-19th century with a picture of Christ on the Olive Mountain of 1852. A pulpit, baptistery, lower gallery and Classicist organ come from the 19th century.




Poprad – Stráže pod Tatrami, Roman Catholic St. John the Baptist Church

Poprad - Stráže pod Tatrami, rímskokatolícky Kostol sv. Jána KrstiteľaThe St. John the Baptist church comes from the 14th century, and it was re-built in the Baroque style in 1777. The main altar shows the picture of the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan River of the end of the 18th century. On one of the side altars there is depicted the Holy Heart of Jesus, and the other altar picture shows the Virgin Mary. A bronze baptistery with a copper cover of the 14th century ranks with the oldest baptisteries in the Spiš region.




Poprad – Stráže pod Tatrami, Evangelic Church

Poprad – Stráže pod Tatrami, Evanjelický kostolThe Classicist church was built on the ground of the Palatine´s Grant of March 2, 1784. In its simple and elegant interior there is located a pulpit of the first third of the 18th century. Great Fire of October 19, 1833 destroyed common bells in the tower of the Roman Catholic church, therefore a new belfry was built in 1930. The church underwent a larger reconstruction in 1988.



Poprad – Kvetnica, Roman Catholic St. Helen Church

Poprad – Kvetnica, rímskokatolícky Kostol sv. HelenyThe little church is located in beautiful surroundings of a park forest. It was built out of collections of Peter Ráth and his closest relatives, on the municipal lands in the years 1909 -1910. During the operation of medical facility, it offered spiritual support to the patients. In 1952 the church stopped serving its spiritual purposes and became a warehouse. Its re-opening was announced by the bell at Christmas, on December 24, 1989. After thorough repair of damaged stained-glass windows and complementation of the interior, the church was consecrated for the second time on St. Helen Holiday, on August 18, 1990. In the vicinity of St. Helen Church, there is located a chapel sacrificed to Our Lady of Lurdes which was consecrated on June 6, 1948.



Poprad, Our Lady of Sorrows Cathedral

Poprad - Konkatedrála Sedembolestnej Panny MárieConsecration of the foundation stone for the Marian Church of Our Lady of Sorrows as Patron of Slovakia took place on October 8, 1939. The church was raised in three years according to design by Ing. G. Schreiber. The cathedral was consecrated by His Excellence Ján Vojtašák, the Bishop of Spiš, on September 8, 1942. The tower and belfry remain to be completed in the cathedral. On the main altar there is the sculpture of Our Lady of Sorrows and the sculpture of St. John the Apostle. Both sculptures are made from Carrara marble, and they were created in 1949 by academic sculptors Štefunko and Gibala. The sculpture of Mary of Magdala of 1956 was made by Master Blažek. Coloured windows in the sanctuary were created according to a design by A. Mašek and they are depicting some events from the Christ´s life. The Calvary from artificial stone is the work of Master Blažek and it was installed in 1957. The organ was raised in 1968 by the cooperative of Kutná Hora called Organa. It has three manuals and 41 registers. The church was built in a modern, yet not well founded Functionalist style.


Poprad, St. Cyril and St. Methodius Church

Poprad, Kostol sv. Cyrila a MetodaThe Church has been sanctioned to St. Cyril and St. Methodius whose sculpture is decorating the main wall of this church. On the right side of the church, there is St. Joseph Chapel. The foundation stone was sanctioned by John Paul II the Pope in Bratislava in 1990. The construction was conducted in the years 1993 – 1998. The church was consecrated on June 26, 1998. The structure has an iron-concrete skeleton. The church was assessed as the construction of the year 1998 in Slovakia. The basement of the church has extensive space for various symposia and lectures. There is a large congress hall, room for religious teachers and parson library with internet.


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