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Poprad - The Present

The Industrial Zone is located in the city district of Poprad – Matejovce and it extends over the area immediately adjoining the western borderline of the companies of Tatramat, a.s., and Whirlpool Slovakia, a.s., behind the premises of EUROTILLERS, s.r.o., currently under construction. It’s southern borderline is created by the route of D1 highway and it‘s northern borderline is formed by the southern edge of the residential complex of Matejovce.


City od Poprad started to deal with the idea of constructing an industrial zone by approving the Project for preparation of investment of “Industrial Zone of Poprad-Matejovce” at the meeting of the Municipal Parliament in April 2004. In June 2005 Poprad  signed the Contract on the Grant of Subsidy (NFP). The total subsidy provided under the Contract on the Grant of Subsidy consists of:

  • support from the European Fund of Regional Development – 75% of the total eligible costs
  • support from the State Budget – 20% of the total eligible costs
  • own resources of Poprad (municipal budgets of cities and municipalities) – 5% of the eligible costs of the Project implementation.

Mutual proportion of the means obtained through co-financing from the State Budget and from the municipal budgets of cities and municipalities toward the support granted from the EU resources is 25% : 75%.
The Project was concerned with construction – roads with a total area of 26 353 m2, electrical wires in a total length of 11 803 m, water distribution pipeline with a total length of 4 015.65, total volume of earth works – 255 905 m3.
After constructing the infrastructure, the respective investors gradually built their operations, in which they employed 453 employees as of December 31, 2008.
As of this date the whole area of the Zone – about 10 ha is fully occupied by/leased to respective investors.
The project of constructing the “Industrial Zone of Poprad - Matejovce” was completed on March 31, 2008.
The land lots under the premises of the Industrial Zone of Poprad – Matejovce are owned by City of  Poprad, which also administers this Zone via its separate Division of Industrial Zone Management.


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