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Poprad - The Present

The Poprad Town with its 53 000 inhabitants is a dynamically developing administrative, economic, cultural and social centre of the region below the Tatras. Its geographical and strategic position favoured its versatile progress and concentration on travel trade, sports and opportunities of multiple activities of its inhabitants. The town rich in history is also proud of its present. Its progress developed gradually to achieve its current level, accelerating especially in course of the past few years during which it underwent versatile changes aimed at providing the Poprad inhabitants with suitable conditions for full-fledged cultural and social life.

All the town wards: Spišská Sobota, Veľká, Stráže pod Tatrami, Matejovce, Kvetnica and the  town of Poprad underwent gradual reconstruction of their central squares, some of their buildings, pavements, public roads and lights, resting zones, children playgrounds, winter stadium. The following new facilities were gradually added: cycling tracks, roundabouts, multi-purpose sports hall of Arena Poprad.

Development of the town goes on by extending residential construction, improving travel trade, business and services, advancement of secondary schools and universities, creating job opportunities and resting zones. Conditions for development of tourist and travel trade have improved after development of a new water park of AquaCity which offers numerous relaxation services throughout the whole year in the water world along with the provision of top-standard hotel and conference services.

Poprad has received several appraisals and favourable rating scores. Goodwill and prestige of the town were confirmed by the visit by the British Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip in October 2008.

The town is active in creating projects seeking support from the Structural Funds related to equipment, repair and reconstruction of school buildings. The town extended and repaired municipal streets and pavements for pedestrians. The end of renovation and advancement of the municipal park next to the railway station contributes not only to a pleasant first impression of Poprad visitors, but it also serves as resting zone. Favourable conditions were created for the extension of a number of medical facilities and services, commercial network, sports and other activities. Other medical facilities, commercial centres and hotels are undergoing current modernization. After the placing of the first mobile ice-skating ring in the town centre, municipality initiated the creation of a second bigger one next to the multipurpose hall Arena Poprad. The Industrial Zone is settled up to 100% and individual entrepreneurs contributes to reduction of the registered unemployment rate by creating new job opportunities in the Poprad district.

Significant reconstruction of St Egidius Square is planned along with development of a fountain. The town also intends to extend the network of children and traffic playgrounds, resting zones and primarily residential complexes, to modernize municipal bus fleet, to extend the cycling tracks to lead as far as The High Tatras - Starý Smokovec. Aid is also intended to be granted to young families undergoing difficult social situation which they are unable to solve on their own.

The efforts of the municipality bodies of the town of Poprad are aimed at further progress and growth from which will benefit all Poprad inhabitants and visitors. Indeed, Poprad has become a town worth living in or spend a few years, at least.


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