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Municipal Symbols

The Act No. 369/1990 on the municipalities granted Slovak cities the right to use municipal coat-of-arms, seal, flag, and insignia, in executing their self-governing powers. The use of the symbols of city of Poprad is subject to the Generally Binding Regulation No. 3/2003 on the use of symbols of city of Poprad. The symbols of city of Poprad include the following: municipal coat-of-arms, municipal flag, municipal seal. The symbols of the Poprad Mayor are the following: Mayor´s flag, municipal insignia..


Erb MestaThe municipal coat-of-arms consists of a heraldic shield with blue background on which there are silver Tatras peaks and two crossed red arrows below them.




The respective city districts have their own coats-of-arms:

Erb mestskej časti PopradCoat-of-arms of the city district of Poprad is the following:
On the blue background there is depicted St. Egidius wearing a white cassock and red coat holding a golden crozier in his left hand and a golden arrow in his right hand.



Erb mestskej časti Spišská sobotaCoat-of-arms of the city district of Spišská Sobota is the following:
In a blue shield spread with stars there is St George standing as knight wearing silver armour with a red crest on his helmet, killing a silver dragon with a spear.


Erb mestskej časti VeľkáCoat-of-arms of the city district of Veľká is the following:
In a blue shield there is a silver arm (of St John the Evangelist) holding a golden chalice out of which a silver dragon is climbing. The coat-of-arms is blue, because it is not a martyr.


Erb mestskej časti MatejovceCoat-of-arms of the city district of Matejovce is the following:
It depicts a butcher’s axe – the symbol of St. Mathew whose handle is crossed, most probably, with a sword.



Erb mestskej časti Stráže pod TatramiCoat-of-arms of the city district of Stráže pod Tatrami is the following:
In a red shield, on a round golden trail there is a silver head of St John the Baptist with black hair and a beard.



Erb mestskej časti KvetnicaCoat-of-arms of the city district of Kvetnica is following:
In a blue shield (water representing the bath nature) there is a silver rose with golden ovary and petals.





Vlajka mestaThe municipal flag consists of two longitudinal stripes of white and blue colours with an edge of alternating colours, the ratio of stripes is 2:3, and it is ended with a swallow’s tail, i.e. a cut reaching into one third of its leaf. The municipal flag of Poprad may be hung only together with the national flag, the flag of the Slovak Republic should be placed in the most honoured position.

The municipal flag of Poprad is used by the Mayor and Municipal Parliament on celebrating occasions and official events of municipal or national character, by hanging it on the buildings or in the halls in which celebrating assemblies are being held. The Mayor should issue orders for the use of the flag and specify the mode and duration of it‘s use.


The municipal seal consists of the municipal coat-of-arms with bold inscription: “CITY OF POPRAD”.

The municipal seal may be used on celebrating occasions of awarding honourable town citizenship, to seal significant instruments and deeds etc. The municipal seal is kept in custody of the Mayor.


Insígnie mesta

The insignia of city of Poprad comprise heraldic composition in a circular shape with a diameter of 9 cm in which there is a coat-of-arms of city of Poprad. The coat-of-arms is in the lower part of a chain and above it, between the rings of the chain, there are coats-of- arms of the respective city districts.

Insignia may be used on most commemorative occasions, Mayor’s insignia, monumental application in the celebrating hall, memorial boards etc.



Source: Statutes of City of Poprad


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