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Mayor´s powers

1, Mayor is a representative of the city and it’s supreme executive body. The office of Mayor is a public office. The Mayor’s period of office terminates on the taking of an oath by a new Mayor. The mode of electing Mayor is subject to a separate law.

2, The office of Mayor is incompatible with the office of:

  • Member of Municipal Parliament,
  • municipal employee,
  • authorised representative of a budget-funded organization or organization receiving contributions from the budget established by the municipality,
  • Chairman of Regional Government
  • principal employee of a public administrative body, in accordance with a separate law.


  • summons and conducts meetings of Municipal Parliament and Municipal Council and signs their resolutions
  • executes municipal administration
  • represents the city toward government bodies, legal entities and natural persons,
  • decides on all aspects of municipal administration, which are not reserved for decision-making of the Municipal Parliament by the law or municipal regulations,
  • performs custody of the municipal flag and seal
  • uses municipal insignia
  • awards Mayor’s Prize.

4, Mayor is an authorised representative of the city in it‘s property relations and in employment relations toward the municipal employees; it is an administrative body in administrative-legal affairs.

Source: Statutes of City of Poprad



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